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The stay at home diaries – Episode 002

I catch up with Becky Pell (Rock ‘n’ Roll Yogi) and we talk lockdown in Australia where becky lives, new routines and mindsets for our current situations. Becky shares with us a very useful exercise to which the questions for are below…

Enjoy x

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The questions to ask yourself from the reflection and intention setting exercise…

1) What 5 things are you most proud of from the last decade?

2) What am I ready to leave behind from the last decade?

3) What do I do for fun?

5) What gives me energy?

6) When do I feel most balanced?

7) When do I feel most me?

8) What would I like to invite more of into my life in the next decade?

9) What is something I would really like to do that I could take the first baby steps towards today?

10) Put yourself 10 years into the future, now tell me about your life?

11) Picture yourself in your final days. You are old and have lived your life, you are surrounded by your loved ones and know you only have days left. The youngest member of the family asks you… “What should I do with my life?”

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