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As the owner of the gym company The Better Body Group, I’ve spent the last 10 years helping people improve their bodies through exercise and nutrition. Now I’m attempting to do the same for my mind, by cajoling guests from all walks of life that have experienced success, and are kind enough to share their pearls of wisdom. I’m particularly captivated by anyone that has overcome hardship or misfortune to win at life, there’s a lot to be said about someone that keeps moving forward when the going gets tough.

I guess above all, I’m just a big fan of learning new shit, a real curious cat.


For me podcasts are a great way to learn, get inspired and stay curious so I decided to start my own as it could fit in with my freelance work as a Sound Engineer travelling the world far and wide. I am obsessed with personal development and constantly look to find ways to improve myself. I care deeply about our planet and want to experience all it has to offer so what better way to learn than from conversations with inspiring people!

Although it's called 'the curious cats' my spirit animal would probably be a dog... I'm just excited to be here!