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Episode 004 – Succeeding in the fight game with Kieran Keddle

I’m excited to share this episode with Kieran Keddle… Kieran is a 3x World Muay Thai Champion, Founder of Double K Gym, CEO of Muay Thai Grand Prix, Coach at Elite Martial Arts Academy in Calgary, Canada and Head of Operations at MTK MMA – a busy man! He is also known for training actor, Idris Elba in the Discovery Channel documentary series ‘Idris Elba: Fighter’ and we have also had the pleasure of training with Kieran at Semtex Gym in Kent.

In this episode you can hear about his story, learn a little more about the fight game, the mindset behind his own success and also about his time with Idris…

You can follow Kieran on Instagram @coachkierankeddle or on Facebook Coach Keddle enjoy!


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