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Episode 005 – Learning from our monsters with Hazel Gale

We’re all stuck in our own heads and we’re all a little bit crazy! That’s why todays guest is Hazel Gale…

Hazel is a Cognitive and Sports Hypnotherapist, has won multiple World and European titles in Kickboxing and Boxing and is also the author of ‘FIGHT: Win Freedom From Self Sabotage’.

I have personally worked with Hazel after deciding that I’d had enough of my own negative self talk and decided to do something about it… In this episode we talk about Hazels #MindMonsters project and how to learn from said monsters, Hypnotherapy, Hazels career, anxiety, the good and bad sides of social media and much more… you can follow Hazel on Instagram @hazel.gale.therapy

Fight:Win Freedom From Self Sabotage




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