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Episode 023 – Dave White

By Ricky Spiers | 05/19/2020

Dave White is a British Contemporary Artist who’s work celebrates popular culture. Dave’s sneaker art has had him collaborate with the likes of Nike / Air Jordan whilst his wildlife art captures his connection and passion for some of the planets most beautiful animals. In this episode Dave talks us through his journey and his…

The stay at home diaries – Episode 002

By | 04/19/2020

I catch up with Becky Pell (Rock ‘n’ Roll Yogi) and we talk lockdown in Australia where becky lives, new routines and mindsets for our current situations. Becky shares with us a very useful exercise to which the questions for are below… Enjoy x Follow Becky on Instagram Facebook and her website The questions to…

The stay at home diaries – Episode 001

By Ricky Spiers | 04/06/2020

Me and Chris catch up after being at home for two weeks during the pandemic. We talk business during these times and how we are doing plus staying healthy and not gaining weight whilst we stay at home. Below are some books that Chris endorses on the subject of health and fitness. Enjoy x Strength…

Episode 022 – StrongMen

By | 03/16/2020

Efrem Brynin is one of the Directors of StrongMen, a charity that aims to tackle emotional and mental health issues caused as a result of bereavement, something that Efrem has personal experience of. Efrem along with one of co-Directors Dan were both contestants on channel 4’s ‘SAS: Who Dares Wins’. We talk about his story,…

Episode 021 – Youngr

By Ricky Spiers | 03/02/2020

Youngr is a Musician and Singer / Song Writer who’s literally the full package involved in the writing, playing, singing of, and recording of tracks – he’s an incredible talent who definitely leads with his passion. We talk about his journey, the music business, social media and psychedelics! enjoy x

Episode 020 – Mike Millen

By Ricky Spiers | 11/11/2019

We welcome Mike Millen, Mike is a retired Engineer, now Personal Trainer as well as a sports and fitness Model. Mikes out look on life is really one to aspire too and at 65 he’s in better shape than most 30 year olds! We talk comfort zones, gratitude and refusing to grow up. Enjoy x…

Episode 019 – Grenade CEO Alan Barratt

By Ricky Spiers | 08/26/2019

Today the curious cats talk to Alan Barratt the CEO of multi million pound company, Grenade – a Sports Nutrition brand responsible for the CARB KILLA. Alan and his wife have a bold ethos that runs deep through their business and its contagious. Some real life and business gems in this episode… enjoy x…

Episode 018 – One of 7 billion ideas!

By Ricky Spiers | 08/11/2019

In this episode we sit down with David Harkin, a school friend of Chris’s who created an exciting company called 7billionideas all about connecting people through their ideas. We talk about Davids journey from the initial idea and getting started using crowdfunding to where and what the company is today. We also discuss the importance of finding…

Episode 017 – Ash Perrin, the power of play

By Ricky Spiers | 04/21/2019

In this episode we sat down with Ash Perrin the founder of The Flying Seagull Project a charity dedicated to spreading laughter to those in need. Ash and his team travel the world visiting mostly refugee camps to provide some entertainment and relief to those caught in awful situations. His new book the real play…

Episode 016 – Books that have impacted our lives

By Ricky Spiers | 04/07/2019

In this episode we catch up after lots going on and try something a little different and talk about some books that have impacted our lives…